Project Coordinator


The project co-ordinator position is an entry level, trainee researcher role with an emphasis on learning to manage qualitative and quantitative research projects. The role provides the basic skills required for advancement into research operation management or trainee analyst roles.


Discussion guides, questionnaires and stimulus
  • Discussion guide/ questionnaire translation English to Japanese/ Japanese to English
  • Discussion guide/ questionnaire checking (spelling, skips, numbering, dp codes etc)
  • Write simple discussion guides or recruitment questionnaires
  • Helping to produce, print and organise stimulus for groups/ IDI’s
  • Assist in fieldwork scheduling and setup- groups, depths, interviews
  • Preparing and updating field/ group discussion progress reports
  • Providing field/ recruitment personnel with detailed briefing instructions
  • Help supervise fieldwork
  • Make an effective contribution towards solving fieldwork problems and issues
Data and notes
  • Taking accurate and useful notes in groups/ depths
  • Preparation of data processing specifications
  • Accurate checking of data and field materials
  • Preparing simple deliverables for clients in Microsoft Excel, Word and Powerpoint
Recruitment and coding
  • Write simple recruitment specs
  • Check code-frames
  • Manage issues
Client contact
  • Taking briefs from clients on simple projects
  • Updating clients on the progress of their projects
  • Answering questions about their data
  • Inputting to writing of simple proposals with charts and other materials