Customer Journey of Luxury Sports Car Owners

Customer Journey of Luxury Sports Car Owners

A world renowned German automobile manufacturer of luxury cars wanted to identify dominant customer types and understand how their needs and expectations are different when it comes to customer service and brand perception. The challenge was the recruitment of owners of the specific sports car model, having a low incidence rate in the market overall.

Our Work

  • Exploration into consumers’ daily lifestyles, driving habits and motives for buying this specific brand and model by conducting in-home ethnography interviews
  • Evaluation of customer needs and satisfaction throughout the customer journey, considering before, during and after sales services incl. maintenance
  • Free recruitment of owners of the client model as well as a selection of owners of relevant competitor brands

The Outcome

  • A detailed overview for the client of key customer profiles, lifestyles and needs in terms of owning and driving a luxury sports car, factors driving brand choice as well as customer service journeys and expectations
  • An outline of crucial touchpoints- how and where to reach different customer types

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