Exploring the “Dankai Junior” Generation to Reveal Opportunities of Technological Solutions

Exploring the Dankai Junior Generation to Reveal Opportunities of Technological Solutions

Our client, who utilizes robot technologies to create products for indoor mobility, was seeking to explore different facets of the Dankai Junior generation to uncover future product opportunities. Areas of interest covered lifestyles and daily life routines related to household chores, childcare and adult care in order to understand challenges that are specific to this generation (early 40’s to mid 50’s) and inform the creation of technological solutions.

Our Work

  • 8x 2.5-hr online in-home interviews with males and females of the Dankai Junior generation, who are engaged in household chores, childcare, and caregiving
  • Exploration of daily routines and challenges across household chores, childcare and elderly caregiving

The Outcome

  • Generating an idea of generational specific attitudes and lifestyles, as well as what role role technology can play in Dankai Juniors’ lives
  • Recommendations of areas of opportunities for client relevant product areas
  • A summary video, telling the research story with key insights and voxpop clips from respondents to be shown among not only client internal affiliates, but to business partners and online audiences in the US and Japan

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