Integrated Resort Market Entry

Integrated Resort Market Entry

An international Integrated Resort (IR) operator was preparing its launch strategy and offer for the governmental bid in Japan. The team was seeking to deepening learning on how to successfully build receptivity towards casinos and IR among the Japanese population by co-creating with consumers an engaging promise that is recognized by the government.

Our Work

  • Extended length ‘Values DCode’ workshop-style focus groups with consumers across different age and entertainment needs
  • Identifying consumer’s personal values and most relevant values when it comes to out of home entertainment; how their values and attitude match with the client’s positioning; i.e., revealing gaps and common ground
  • Working with consumers to co-create and build an ideal IR positioning, its offer and effective communication direction.

The Outcome

Findings were translated into a model for building trust and receptivity for the client’s category and its brand, indicating recommendations on offer positionings and communication directions.

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