Testing the Acceptance of an Advertisement of a New Food Delivery App

A design company from the U.S. was working on a food search related app for one of their giant tech clients. In order to create a consumer-centric app

One of the largest food delivery services in Asia launched in Japan and was embarking on its first major promotion campaign. The task ahead was to ensure that the campaign would successfully introduce the brand based on its positioning and gain traction in the food delivery space​.

Our Work

  • Conducted 4x 90-min online FGIs with frequent food delivery app users in two key regions of interest in Japan
  • Explored the consumer responses to the TVCMs and suggested taglines to identify which parts/scenes of the stimulus material has greater potential to deliver on the communication objectives
  • Tested the impact of the TVCMs on establishing strong and positive brand associations

The Outcome

  • The reaction towards the TVCMs were clear and consistent, and the clients were able to learn the cultural value towards food delivery services in order to optimize the communication idea
  • Not only the improvement points of the communications, but also our clients were able to understand the basic expectations and watch-outs related to the food delivery service industry in the market

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