Customer Satisfaction of Luxury Sports Car Owners

Customer Satisfaction of Luxury Sports Car Owners

After launching a new luxury sports car model only a few months earlier, a world-renowned German automobile manufacturer wished to evaluate the satisfaction of its customers. They wanted to understand the new owner’s sense of fulfilment, starting from the purchase journey to specific touchpoints, including sales activities and features of the different models.

Our Work

  • Recruitment was based on a customer list provided by the client and we worked closely with their brief on approaching their customers in a specific manner, involving close discussion with their local team
  • We conducted in-home ethnography interviews to explore their daily lifestyle, driving habits and motives for buying this specific model
  • Evaluation of satisfaction throughout the customer journey and feelings towards the model itself now it was “in their hands”, including exterior and interior design and performance features

The Outcome

  • A detailed report that analyzed customer profiles, lifestyles and needs of those who own this type of luxury sports car
  • A detailed understanding of customer feedback of the car’s design and recommendations to the team on communicating key features

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