Privacy Policy

As a market research agency, CarterJMRN conducts both qualitative and quantitative market research among research respondents such as general consumers and business persons, and compiles those opinions into reports. CarterJMRN is fully committed to protecting personal information in order to ensure that both respondents and clients can feel secure engaging the services of CarterJMRN, and that employees and prospective employees can feel secure working at CarterJMRN.

1. Regarding the Personal Information that CarterJMRN Protects
Personal Information is defined as “information that would allow for the identification of an individual, including names, dates of birth, etc. assigned to an individual (including information that would not identify an individual on its own, but could lead to an individual being identified if that information were combined with other easily obtainable information).” In accordance with this Privacy Policy, CarterJMRN shall conscientiously handle the personal information of its research respondents as well as that of its employees, clients and suppliers.

2. CarterJMRN’s Personal Information Protection Management System has established internal rules and an internal system in order to protect personal information. This system is referred to as the “Personal Information Protection Management System.”

As part of the internal rules, CarterJMRN has created many practical regulations known as the “Official Rules for the Protection of Personal Information” in order to substantiate this Privacy Policy and ensure that the acquisition, use and provision of personal information are properly conducted in light of the Company’s business activities and scope. Key to this internal system is CarterJMRN’s appointment of a chief privacy officer (responsible for consolidating the administration of personal information) and a chief auditor (responsible for verifying the administrative activities).

3. Regarding the Purpose of Use of Personal Information
CarterJMRN shall take measures to ensure that the use of personal information is limited to the following scopes of purpose, and that personal information is not used beyond the scope necessary to achieving the specified purpose (unintended use).

(1) Personal Information of Research Respondents:
For the purpose of conducting market research and documenting the results of such research.

(2) Personal Information of Clients and Suppliers:
For the purpose of handling business inquiries and to ensure the smooth execution of business.

(3) Personal Information of Employees:
For the purposes of personnel evaluations, salary calculations and payments, and labor management. *Based on labor safety regulations, specific confidential information, such as the results of employee health examinations, may be kept on file.

(4) Personal Information of Prospective Employees:
For the purpose of conducting employment screenings. CarterJMRN shall promptly discard all personal information of prospective employees who unfortunately were not hired.

(5) Personal Information of Previous Employees:
According to the laws and regulations, it is necessary to store personal information of previous employees for a period of three years. In order to prevent the use of personal information for unintended purposes, after specifying the purpose of use, CarterJMRN shall verify whether the use of personal information throughout the course of business falls within the scope of the intended use through independent inspections and internal audits.

4. Regarding the Release of Personal Information
CarterJMRN shall not release personal information to third parties without consent from the individual. On principle, CarterJMRN preserves the anonymity and protects the privacy of research respondents when reporting the results of marketing research to clients.

5. Regarding Security Measures to Protect Personal Information
CarterJMRN has put in place the following security measures in order to prevent and correct any accidents regarding personal information, such as the leakage, loss, damage or falsification of and unauthorized access to personal information.

(1) Management at the Time of Consignment:
In the case that personal information is handled by an outside company due to the consignment of business activities, CarterJMRN shall select a company that has implemented appropriate security measures for the protection of personal information, and sign an agreement with that company regarding the handling of personal information.

(2) Supervision of Employees:
At CarterJMRN, the entire company and in particular the chief privacy officer shall promote the protection of personal information. Additionally, each individual member of CarterJMRN shall understand the importance of protecting personal information and take appropriate care in handling personal information.

(3) Corrective Actions in the Case that an Accident Occurs:
CarterJMRN shall take stringent measures to ensure that personal information will not be leaked. However, in the remote chance that an accident concerning personal information does occur, CarterJMRN will promptly take steps to prevent the damage from spreading, and consequently shall analyze the cause of the accident and impose a system of measures to prevent a reoccurrence.

6. Regarding Compliance with Applicable Laws and Regulations
In the operation of the Personal Information Protection Management System, CarterJMRN shall act in accordance with Personal Information Protection Act, regulations regarding the protection of personal information within other laws, guidelines related to the Personal Information Protection Act, and rules regarding the protection of personal information and industry guidelines.

7. Continuous Improvement of the Personal Information Protection Management System
CarterJMRN shall respond to changes in social conditions and developments in information technology by constantly putting in place the best possible measures regarding personal information. In order to ensure that the optimal measures are in place, the content and state of operations of the Personal Information Protection Management System are audited regularly, and the results of those audits are used to correct and improve the Personal Information Protection Management System.
8. Regarding Personal Information Disclosures, Corrections, Deletion, Discontinuation of Use, Discontinuation of Release, Complaints, Consultations and Inquiries
Individuals may request the disclosure, notification of the intended use, corrections, deletion, suspension of use and suspension of release from CarterJMRN regarding their own personal information. CarterJMRN also accepts complaints, consultations and inquiries regarding the handling of the personal information it has in possession.
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Established on January 1st, 2015
Modified on March 11th, 2015
Dominic Carter, Representative Director and CEO
CarterJMRN K. K.