Trend Watching & Consumer Pulse

Trend watching & consumer pulse in Japan

Unmasking the trends and insights that will shape future trends and new business opportunities in Japan is something we take pride in. Our trend and consumer pulse information is collected and exhibited across a range of engaging market research reports.

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We find the trends in Japan that you need to know about

Every single day of the year, our researchers and team members at CarterJMRN are on the lookout for the latest, greatest examples of how Japan and its consumers are changing.

We maintain our own internal social media channel on which we gather and post articles of interest from a wide range of sources, which helps all team members stay up to date and on top of the trends.

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Stay on top of trends in Japan with our market research reports

We design proprietary-to-client “Consumer Pulse” reports to fulfill specific needs (e.g. biweekly or bimonthly summary of key news items for a certain category such as fast food, children’s toys, gaming, etc.), allowing English-speaking business professionals to monitor Japanese-language market happenings.

In addition, we educate our clients and potential clients about trends in Japan through our:


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