Why Age Tech Japan?

It’s no secret that 30% of Japan’s population is already aged 65+, representing 36 million consumers today, and rising. More importantly, Japanese older adults are financially solvent, open-minded to tech, and enjoy true quality of life (both physically and cognitively) for longer than their Western counterparts. The so-called “aging care” market (i.e., medical/pharmaceutical, caregiving and consumer products segments) will by 2025 be a 101.3 trillion yen (US$954 billion) industry – larger than for domestic automobiles, finance, and consumer electronics. That’s BIG.

Our Age-Tech White Paper lays out the opportunity in Japan, in one easy-to-read document.

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Independent Aging Expo and Convention in Aichi, Japan Oct. 13-15, 2023

Age-Tech Japan Market Map

Our Age-tech Market Map gives you the lay of the land, by consumer needs area.

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Heads, Hands, and Hearts for Age-Tech

Bringing together those who share the goal of improving ageing lives (i.e., entrepreneurs, startups, investors, established enterprises, universities, research institutes, and government agencies), our event fostered the meaningful connections needed to collaborate in the Age-Tech venture space, super-charging the vision of Living Best through technology.

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