Why Age Tech Japan?

It’s no secret that 30% of Japan’s population is already aged 65+, representing 36 million consumers today, and rising. More importantly, Japanese older adults are financially solvent, open-minded to tech, and enjoy true quality of life (both physically and cognitively) for longer than their Western counterparts. The so-called “aging care” market (i.e., medical/pharmaceutical, caregiving and consumer products segments) will by 2025 be a 101.3 trillion yen (US$954 billion) industry – larger than for domestic automobiles, finance, and consumer electronics. That’s BIG.

Our Age-Tech White Paper lays out the opportunity in Japan, in one easy-to-read document.

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Independent Aging Expo and Convention in Aichi, Japan Oct. 13-15, 2023

Age-Tech Japan Market Map

Our Age-tech Market Map gives you the lay of the land, by consumer needs area.

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