Fuel the Future© Strategy Workshops

Fuel the Future© Strategy Workshops

Success in the market isn’t just about focusing on the ‘now’, but creating a vision to face the future. The Carter Group consultants have designed and moderated innovation and ideation-style workshops for a wide range of clients across Japan and the Asian region over the past decade. Our approaches utilize ‘Fusion’ style approaches to bring the teams together to harness all market opportunities for you.

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What are Fuel the Future© workshops?

In keeping with our philosophy of providing innovative ways of harnessing consumer and market insight for growth, CarterJMRN introduced its Fuel the Future© workshops in 2004.

Since then, Fuel the Future© workshops have empowered a range of clients to refine and strengthen their marketing strategies and execution in the banking, insurance, FMCG and automotive industries.

Customized Fuel the Future© workshops apply CarterJMRN’s consumer insight and cultural understanding to your marketing challenges – addressing the identified consumer opportunity with your company’s internal knowledge, and enabling you to harness the intellectual capital that exists within your company.

We utilize in-depth interviews to help our clients explore everything from underlying category needs (fast food, anti-aging skincare, digital financial services) to new product design “in situ” (portable vacuum cleaners, kitchen appliances, household cleaning or personal care) to digital and product usability (credit cards, luxury automobiles, laptops) to print and TV advertising messaging (luxury watches, whiskey, haircare products).

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Our Fuel the Future© workshops help clients solve a range of issues and opportunities including:

  • Product and service ideation and innovation
  • Roadmaps to digitalization
  • Future proofing strategies including trends and future worlds inspiration
  • Positioning and communications development
  • Annual strategic planning inspiration

Where our workshops fit into your market research strategy

Workshops can be developed as a natural follow-on to a market research project (i.e., half- or full-day workshop to present and review key findings from your qualitative and quantitative research, and as a team, to “ideate” new product opportunities) … or as a dynamic stand-alone exercise to address a specific marketing challenge (i.e., increasing sales for a particular product line, driving brand awareness and adoption, etc.).

These strategic sessions can also be modified for utilization with your external clients, suppliers and other stakeholder groups.

Whether it be a local or regional meeting, internal or external workshop or innovation session, we can assist you with venue choice, workshop agenda and content development, and importantly, provide you with a third-party, independent voice for your workshop session.

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