Vox Pop Videos

Vox pop videos

We bring the consumer into the boardroom with documentary quality and fully edited theme-based video learning.

woman being interviewed on the street

What are vox pop videos?

Vox pops videos are short clips from interviews with consumers that capture ‘in-situ’ feedback. Vox pops can be used as primary research, or to bring research data to life or to present the voice of the customer in a tangible way.


Vox pop videos in market research

Vox pop videos for market research activation are an expansion of our experience with documenting and reporting our ethnographic interviews. The CarterJMRN team highly trained in “bringing the consumer and the market” close to you through the use of video clips and storytelling.

Whether we are showing “consumer comment clips” as part of a final market research results presentation or creating a 4-minute “product introduction piece” for use in a focus group, we speak “video” and are delighted to assist you in incorporating video into your project as needed.

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