Concept Bootcamp

Concept Bootcamp: Getting your concept in shape for Japan

Everyone wants their concept to be a well-built rock star from the get-go, but rehearsal and training inevitably make for a stronger, more attractive appeal to the Japanese consumer.

Group Brainstorming UX design

How it works

It is rare that imported concepts, even when they are very successful overseas, perform at their best in Japan on the first go. The drivers and needs in the market are often very different in Japan from western markets, as well as other Asian ones. This means that, when explaining your offering to a new audience in Japan, what you say and how you say it usually needs to change.

Our approach to building great concepts that win hearts and minds involves a combination of:

  • Initial concept testing
  • Workshopping and copywriting
  • Creation of multiple prototypes
  • Filtering
  • Optimization
  • Final production

We have used this approach numerous times in the past in order to give our clients the best foot forward when they face the consumer with new ideas that need some help to gain traction.

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