Unmasking Japan: Stakeholder Content

Unmasking Japan: Stakeholder Content

We help you synthesize all that you’ve done with the market research into brand guidelines that move you into your future.

Japanese men in masks


It takes time to formulate the learning from a truly immersive research approach. To those of your colleagues that haven’t been on the journey, the results and recommendations from our projects may challenge established assumptions. Or, it may simply be the case that the stakeholders in your organization that you need to get on board may be information-poor about the Japan market and would benefit from education.

Sometimes, our work leads to an opportunity to take a leadership role in educating external stakeholders. Carter can assist you with publishing consumer insights that can be further disseminated to align targeted stakeholder groups, both inside and outside of Japan.

How it works

This can be done through a number of media – digital and analogue. Apart from classic approaches such as visually pleasing printable reports and infographics, custom video vignettes as well as longer video features can really help the viewer to be immersed in the world of the Japanese market. These audio-visual media are effective and can be used over and over again.

After experiencing the sights, sounds, not to mention surprises of customer immersion, it is more likely that research findings and the actions that they indicate will be understood, and supported. This can make all the difference in building a customer centric strategy that your organization can get behind. Outside your organization, it can position you as the key thought leader in your space.

Carter can go as far as to work as an extension of your company’s internal communications team, handling everything from conception through to final publication – or executing specific aspects of video, digital and printed content that make sense, allowing you to maximize your internal resources.

Carter team members guide you through the process of determining objectives, contents and production – and onward to promotion and dissemination.

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