Heads, Hands, and Hearts for Age-Tech

Heads, Heads and Herts for Age-tech

It’s no secret that 30% of Japan’s population is already aged 65+, representing 36 million consumers today, and rising. More importantly, Japanese older adults are financially solvent, open-minded to tech, and enjoy true quality of life (both physically and cognitively) for longer than their Western counterparts. The so-called “aging care” market (i.e., medical/pharmaceutical, caregiving and consumer products segments) will by 2025 be a 101.3 trillion yen (US$954 billion) industry – larger than for domestic automobiles, finance, and consumer electronics. That’s BIG.

Opening Video - Adapting to New Technologies

Adapting to New Technologies

Keren Etkin - Keynote Speaker

Ken Mogi - Special Guest Speaker

Dominic Carter - Heads, Hands, and Hearts for Age-Tech

Tiziana Alamprese - La Camera della Felicita

Kyoko Suzuki - Vitality Swiss / John Klepper - Pipra

Opening Video - Fears, What Can Developers Do?

Live Panel - Japan's Age-Tech Ecosystem

Featured Age-Tech Company Video Showcase

There is much focus in the world on age-tech products and services, and as we’ve seen in Part One, the depth and breadth of age-tech products and services is very wide-ranging … and is as varied as life itself. These include both individualized needs (such as memories with La Camera della Felicita and business-facing – or B2B – needs (such as Swiss start-up PIPRA).

Next, we’d like to show you FIVE MORE examples of companies that are bringing age-tech into a reality in our world. Some focus more on cognitive assessment and prevention, while others focus more on sociability and reduction of loneliness and isolation. Still others seek to create more age-friendly physical environments that enable independent living for as long as practically possible. But all seek to improve the overall life experience and happiness of aging individuals through the creation of safer, more age-friendly environments. These age-tech developments are happening all over the world – RIGHT NOW. Our aim is to help super-charge the JAPAN ecosystem for domestic start-ups and ALSO for in-bound foreign start-ups.

Our first showcase company is a project of the University of Toronto, Canada … and offers a way forward with early detection of dementia.
Our next showcase company is a Japan-based online communications offering that helps aging Japanese to communicate with people of all ages from around the world … thereby helping to expand social interaction and reduce social isolation.
Our next showcase company is an Israel-headquartered company that is perfecting … how artificial intelligence can help aging adults with social communications … and onward to monitoring and companionship.
And our fourth showcase company is US-based Toyota Research Institute, which is pioneering the development of in-home robotics that help make home environments more age-friendly through monitoring, communications … and importantly, with actual robotics assistance with daily living tasks, which ensures that aging adults can live independently for as long as practically possible.

Live Showcase Company - CareMates

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