Solutions Hothouse

Solutions Hothouse

The Solutions Hothouse is an accelerated ‘design-thinking/ design-sprint’ style approach to getting from insights to action. The Hothouse is a fast, deliberately time-constrained process that allows maximum leverage of the ideas from the target consumer and the inputs of your team. It works especially well when is

Group brainstorming

How it works

A hothouse can run as long as four weeks to as little as four days. Regardless of the timing and design (which we create as new depending on the needs of each assignment) there are common features:

  • Consumer immersion
  • Consumer dialogue
  • Issue and problem identification
  • Immersive, client + consumer co-creation
  • Solution design and prototyping
  • Iteration and testing

Design hothouses cover a broad range of objectives from experience architecture to package design to personal products formulation, to new product concept and messaging development.

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