Defining the Sweet Spot for Issues-Oriented Positioning

Defining the Sweet Spot for Issues-Oriented Positioning

Our client, an international environmental activist organization, has engaged CarterJMRN to guide it in presenting a more accessible and attractive face to selected segments of Japanese society, while remaining true to its purpose and DNA.

Our Work

  • Engagement with two potential segments that that the client has identified as “influencers”, being aware of environmental issues and the client’s organisation, as well as being open to the idea of participating in or contributing to organizations that work for social and environmental progress
  • Identifying consumer’s personal values and most relevant values when it comes to social and environmental issues; how their values and attitude match with the client’s positioning; i.e., identifying gaps and common ground
  • Consumer inputs via journals and collages
  • Development of depth and breadth of messaging and stimulus and workshopping with client to finalize test avenues
  • Extended length ‘Values DCode’ workshop-style focus groups, working with consumers to co-create and build ideal advocacy organization
  • Make recommendations for strategic positioning and messaging going forward

The Outcome

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