Evaluation of New Investment Product/Service Offerings

Evaluation of New Investment Product_Service Offerings

The second-largest mutual and index funds provider in the United States wished to better understand its core customer base in Japan, males aged 50+, particularly in terms of the response to selected new product/ service offerings, and importantly,
a proposed online interface for making online purchases and stocks/ bonds trades.

Our Work

Qualitative research (focus groups with male consumers aged 50~70 to explore (among both heavy and light investor types):

  • Attitudes and behaviors as regards investing in non-cash assets (i.e., stocks, bonds, etc.)
  • Reaction to 3 new proposed products and services
  • Willingness to engage with and use a new DIY online platform designed to simplify “self-purchase” and trades

The Outcome

The client ultimately introduced its proposed new product – index funds (a very popular product in the US but up to this point, not introduced in Japan) – due to the very positive response received in the research; the online access option required further study, as this concept was not well favored in the research

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