Exploring Opportunities in the Retail Space to Cater to a Younger Audience in Japan​

Exploring opportunities in the retail space to cater to a younger audience in Japan​

A European luxury fashion brand was working on attracting younger clients (luxury consumers in their 30s and 40s). The research was conducted to gain a deeper understanding of the needs and expectations of the new target group​.

Our Work

  • Qualitative research with females and males who have an affinity for luxury fashion, especially RTW (ready to wear) products
  • Participants visited the brand’s store and a competitor store followed by a short survey before joining a 1-hr online interview

The Outcome

  • Identified the gap between the original brand image and in-store experience and discovered the brand image was not fully communicated to the younger audience
  • Established an understanding of the ideal retail luxury shopping experience, i.e., client service, items, store displays, staff uniform, etc.

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