Luxury Brand Purchase Intention Survey (Exit Survey)

Sales of leather goods at global fashion brand street stores have been stagnant, but because the causes of this decline in sales are unknown no course of action can be taken to improve it

Our Work

An exit survey of n=100 per store was conducted to visitors of both street stores and in-store stores, such as department stores, in order to compare brand awareness and actual purchases

The Outcome

  • Many of those who shopped at street stores are loyal users of the brand, and such customers often buy leather goods from overseas duty-free stores, etc. Contrary to the client's hope, it proved difficult to increase sales of leather goods at street stores
  • Therefore, we provided consulting services suggesting that street stores should focus on improving the satisfaction of their core target loyal users, and with regards to leather goods, they should focus on sales at in-store stores, which led to more efficient store operations

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