New Product and Packaging Evaluation for Pets

New Product and Packaging Evaluation for Pets

A US-based pet care company wished to explore needs and concerns with bark control products for one project, and with ‘on-the-go’ dog snacks in another project, so that market entry possibilities could be evaluated among Japanese pet owners (dog owners).

Our Work

  • Qualitative focus groups of 2 hours each, with male and female pet owners, aged 30~60
  • Bark control products
    • Needs and concerns
    • Package design – evaluation and improvements
    • Naming and endorsements
    • Reaction to proposed products and purchase interest
  • ‘On-the-go’ dog snacks
    • Concept evaluation and resonance
    • Flavors preferred
    • Reaction to proposed pricing, purchase location and POS materials

The Outcome

Our strategic recommendations enabled the client and their design firm to refine packaging alternatives for the bark control product, and to avoid costly mistakes in executing market entry for the ‘on-the-go’ dog snacks, which consumers proved to have very definitive opinions about.

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