Optimizing the Payment Flow of a Content Streaming Platform​

Optimizing the Payment Flow of a Content Streaming Platform​

A streaming platform from overseas wanted to explore the feedback on their payment flow to improve the intuitiveness of the process. Therefore, the team was interested in learning how users (who have never made a payment on the platform before) will react to the payment process and options and compare them to competitor offers in the market.

Our Work

  • 8x 1-hr IDIs with users who use the streaming platform more than once a week
  • Explored their initial feedback on the payment flow by letting them complete the actual process
  • Evaluated the differences in user understanding across device options, i.e., smartphone and PC
  • Compared the payment flow between the clients’ platform and competitors to identify differences and preferences

The Outcome

  • Uncovered the main hurdles in the payment flow due to the use of language that is not very familiar to Japanese users
  • Identified improvement points in the payment process from an UX point of view
  • Understanding of favored payment options for the Japanese market

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