Preparing for the Market Entry of a Premium Skincare Brand

A well-known Dermatologist Skincare brand from the US wanted to develop a winning strategy for entering the Asian market- starting with the very challenging Japanese market. The client dedicated a lot of care and time on adjusting their products to the market specific needs and requirements, while forming a compelling business proposition as an MLM.

Our Work

  • Market landscape mapping incorporating desk research and semiotic analysis
  • Expert interviews with skincare professionals (online & print media)
  • Ethnography home visits to observe Japanese’s skincare routines
  • Focus groups incorporating Brand DCode to pinpoint positioning with target customers across the different age and skincare needs spectrum
  • Product home placements and evaluation via interviews
  • Japan immersion and activation workshop with the client team in San Francisco

The Outcome

A clear roadmap for market entry, which pinpoints brand positioning and informs product lines development, which takes advantage of the ‘white space’ identified in the category

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