Re-Positioning of a Juice Beverage for Kids

Re-Positioning of a Juice Beverage for Kids

A well-known global beverage brand wanted to drive one of their kids brand’s value growth to secure further market share. The client aimed to understand today’s kids and their parents in terms of lifestyle, needs and drinking behavior to re-evaluate their current brand position. Results should help to refine the brand to a more relevant and resonating one to existing and new consumers.

Our Work

  • Exploring insights related to desires and needs among kids, aged 3-12 and their parents including their lifestyle such as playtime, food, relationship with friends and school life
  • The study considered expert interviews, shop-along ethno interviews, and Focus Group discussions to transfer the insights into a brand positioning idea

The Outcome

  • Developing recommendations for strategic positioning and messaging
  • Creating an optimized brand proposition based on an updated and deep consumer understanding

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