Rebranding & Relaunch of Anti-Aging Skincare Brand

Rebranding & relaunch of anti-aging skincare brand

A well known skincare brand from the United States, with a 35+ year history in the market, wished to rebrand and relaunch one of its core anti-aging skincare lines in the face of increased competition in the “mass-tige” brand arena across a variety of distribution channels

Our Work

Two rounds of qualitative research

  • Round 1: Focus groups with female consumers aged 45-65 to explore anti-aging skincare needs and to evaluate reactions to and acceptance of brand naming, positioning and product concepts to be included in the product line-up
  • Round 2: Focus groups (same age groups) to evaluate ‘improved V2 brand name, positioning and product concepts’


  •  Segmentation study among 1,000 females, aged 45-65, to confirm acceptance (naming, positioning, product line-up)

The Outcome

The client was able to successfully relaunch its 20+-year-old brand, complete with some reformulations of specific products in the line-up

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