Repositioning Aussie Beef for the Discerning Customer

Aussie Beef is an icon food brand in Japan, but positioning hadn’t changed very much since the heyday of the 80’s. Consequently its value proposition had become blurred, or even de-valued, and the brand was playing increasingly in the budget segment. Something had to be done to re-invigorate and elevate the brand

Our Work

  • Accompanied shopping with Japanese mums and in-home preparation and cooking ethnography interviews- with video footage to show the Aussie team how Aussie beef is actually shopped, prepared and consumed
  • Focus groups incorporating ‘Brand Dcode’ to unlock the positioning potential of the brand

The Outcome

We were able to co-create with the help of target customers a powerful positioning for the Aussie brand which built the value proposition and was highly differentiated vs. key competitors like US Beef.
We were asked to re-present the positioning outcome, and directly brief the comms agencies to ensure that the strategy was implemented seamlessly

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