Segmentation and Drill-down for New Product Development

Segmentation and Drill-down for New Product Development

An international industry promotional entity wished to quantify usage, attitudes and ownership of the most prized ‘precious metal’ among Japanese consumers, and following that, to drill down on these results and move forward with new product development designed to re-energize sales, especially among females.

Our Work

  • Quantitative U&A study among 1,000 females aged 25~65
  • Qualitative research (focus groups with female consumers aged 50~70) to explore:
    • Attitudes and behaviors as regards precious metal/ luxury brand jewelry
    • Reaction to 3 new proposed products
    • Interest in purchasing additional pieces for the future
  • ½ day ‘Fuel the Future’ workshop, to brainstorm with client’s internal team and provide additional inputs for finalization of new concepts

The Outcome

Insights-based input for new product concepts, to be re-evaluated via one-to-one interviews with target consumers before launching.

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