Supporting Consumer Co-created Product Development

A well known food brand from New Zealand wanted to leverage its technological know-how in Japan’s lucrative aging market with a health-imparting nutritional concept (both as supplement and food additive) known to enhance strength and wellbeing- even with aging

Our Work

  • Industry interviews (retail food manufacturers and healthcare facility operators)
  • Qualitative research (focus groups incorporating a ‘Needs DCode’ to explore aging consumer awareness and perceived needs, including ‘forms of intake’ and perceived user types)
  • Quantitative segmentation study among 1,000 females and males, aged 40~65

The Outcome

Convincing statistics indicating demographic and psychographic customer types, were matched with product concept acceptance levels by segment. This in turn fueled productive client discussions with potential partners for further development. We presented to the Japan- and NZ-based teams on several occasions, including both qualitative and quantitative results

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