Understanding Grocery Shopping Experience among Older Adults

Our client, who utilizes robot technologies to create products for indoor mobility, was seeking to identify and understand in-store shopping experiences, habits, and needs among older adults when grocery shopping to uncover future product opportunities.

Our Work

  • Secondary research on key food retailers in Japan, as well as trends and cultural insights on grocery shopping
  • 2x expert interviews with a specialist in in-store spatial design and a specialist in merchandizing and food procurement in Japanese grocery stores
  • 10x  shop-alongs and IDI with older adults, aged 65-76 living in the Greater Tokyo area

The Outcome

  • Identify key differences in the design of grocery stores and cultural differences unique to Japan
  • Uncovered challenges and needs among older adults during their grocery shopping experience
  • Informed opportunities for assistive technology to optimize the in-store shopping experiences and support the independence of older adults

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