Understanding International Luxury Brand Owner’s Online & Offline Shopping Journey for Purchasing Luxury Items

Understanding international luxury brand owner’s online & offline shopping journey for purchasing luxury items

International high-end luxury brand was interested in understanding Japanese consumers’ purchase journey including their emotional engagement to the brand, purchase drivers and barriers, and expectation and desire for different luxury brands. The study aimed to identify the role and influence of the brand in their purchase journey​.

Our Work

  • Placed in-home diaries for 1 week in advance of conducting IDIs to understand luxury brand purchasers’ engagement with different brands
  • Respondents were qualified as those who had purchased selected luxury brand apparel, handbags, or jewellery in last 3 – 6 months
  • Conducted 12 1.5-hr depth interviews with respondents in the facility, with each interview including an accompanied 1.5-hr ‘shopalong’ interview to a designated luxury brand shop
  • Recruitment of high-income consumers, who purchased luxury brand clothes, bags or jewellery in the last 3-6 months to join an online bulletin board and an in-depth interview at facility
  • Participants were invited to one-on-one facility interviews followed by accompanied shopalongs ​

The Outcome

Obtained deep understanding of luxury brand purchasers’ engagement with their preferred brands as well as observation of how the participants shop at their favourite brand stores to gain an understanding of customer expectations around service and shopping experience at the retail​ level

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