Understanding Shifts in the Japanese Cruise Market

Understanding Shifts in the Japanese Cruise Market

Our client is a global cruise agency with existing business in Japan. They wanted to understand how shifts in the Japanese tourism and travel market could shape a new positioning and rebranding. We assessed their current offer, the market around them and the broader trends that might impact a new offer now, and in the future.

Our Work

  • 1 x focus group with travel professionals to understand the shifts, pressures, areas of excitement or concerns in the industry
  • 3 x expert interviews with industry leaders tracking the changing face of the travel market in Japan in PR, advertising and visual media

The Outcome

  • A comprehensive understanding of the current “temperature” of the market, and where this has come from with specific reference to cruises and the parts of the industry that connect with this
  • A clear mapping (covering expectations around key metrics, such as value) of where the brand sits, and where it might have permission to build itself into
  • Specific guidelines and guardrails (from each industry specialty) on how to move forward

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