Understanding Tea and Beverage “Moments” with Major Beverage Company

Understanding Tea and Beverage "Moments" with Major Beverage Company

Major domestic beverage company wanted to understand how new trends in health and wellness were shaping behaviour and consumption habits in tea, coffee and other drinks. Our client was struggling to understand why brands that (they believed) should engage with new health and wellness trends were, in fact, failing. We conducted a broad cultural study to map this new movement and then explore where and why this was connecting with consumers.

Our Work

  • An in-depth semiotic and cultural study to understand
    • key themes in the category
    • looking at analogous areas where tea might take inspiration from
  • Ethnography to go into people’s homes and understand their lives
  • Focus groups to test a series of concept areas we developed together with the client

The Outcome

A comprehensive set of rules around “how to play” in this space alongside a set of reasons why previous thinking might have been unsuccessful. This could then be used to work out how much license different brands had in being able to engage in their current form.

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