Understanding the Innovation Process of Indoor Cleaning Devices

A leading German manufacturer of household cleaning devices felt that they wouldn’t understand fully Japanese consumers’ pain points and needs when it comes to indoor cleaning. The HQ in Germany initiated a Japan specific innovation lab project to create product ideas that are tailored to Japanese consumers unmet needs and would have potential to build greater brand equity via competitive advantage in a highly competitive category.

Our Work

  • In-home ethnography, including observations of various cleaning tasks
  • Video vox pops and creation of opportunity themes for workshopping
  • Ideation and innovation workshop with international and local clients plus the local product design agency
  • Concept testing in Focus Groups

The Outcome

  • A clear understanding of product opportunities for Japan based on consumer needs and cleaning behaviour
  • An exciting momentum between and high engagement of the international and local client team
  • 5 high potential product innovation concepts for the planning 2018 (localised for Japan), in alignment with the global positioning of the brand
  • 2 product concepts after the focus group testing that will go into prototype development

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