Understanding the Unique Digital Landscape in Japan for Opportunities in E-Commerce ​

Understanding how luxury customers use LINE messenger app for brand engagement​

The local Digital Team of a multinational corporation specializing in luxury goods was preparing a key presentation to global stakeholders to provide a thorough understanding of Japan’s digital landscape. The team was looking for the latest information and insights on online shopper behaviors and profiles, current online service trends, and emerging e-commerce structures and platforms in the luxury category.

Our Work

  • Complete secondary market research and consolidate data for the client’s internal presentation
  • Utilize a range of qualitative and quantitative data in both Japanese and English
  • Explore changes and trends amidst COVID-19 in online shopping and e-commerce services
  • Understand Japan’s digital environment and trends, in addition to the status quo of and key players in the luxury fashion and goods e-commerce arena

The Outcome

  • A comprehensive and coherent presentation (following the client’s corporate design) and for the global team to understand the e-commerce landscape in Japan
  • Highlighting the potential of expanding presence on e-commerce platforms in the age of COVID-19
  • Carving out the unique e-commerce culture and standards in Japan compared to those in Western countries, particularly in Europe

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