User Testing and Localization for Multinationals

User Experience (UX) Test of Sports Streaming Website

A world-renowned English sports specific online streaming service wanted to understand how consumers perceive their updated website which now offers a new landing page, different package options, and a new sign-up process. The objective was to find the appreciated/unappreciated points to optimize the website within the 7 different countries.

Our Work

  • 24 x 1-hour IDIs in 7 locations. We cooperated with each local market research agencies to conduct usability tests in order to understand how the client’s website (both PC and mobile interfaces) is perceived; also, to note any market differences based on difference in culture.

The Outcome

  • Discovered the tendency towards appreciated and unappreciated areas of the website, as well as the unique market differences. All feedback was provided to the end clients website design/development team.

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