Age Tech Japan Newsletter: February 2022

Social Media Usage provides Handy Barometer of Open-Mindedness to Age-Tech Products

In this blog, CarterJMRN Representative Director and CEO Dominic Carter reviews the key findings regarding social media use from our Spring 2021 measurement.

Social media use and digital uptake among older generations has proven to be an interesting metric to watch over the years, and is an important barometer for age-tech product acceptance.

Our sixth annual Japan Consumer Sentiment Survey will be conducted later this Spring – stay tuned!

All about Age-Tech in Japan – as heard on Clubhouse

Just in case you missed it, please join TheCarterGroup Chairman Debbie Howard for a replay of Parts 1 and 2 of “Age-Tech in Japan” (recorded on Oct. 7th and 14th JST, on Japan Business Insights Clubhouse Room, moderated by Maya Matsuoka and Tim Sullivan). In Part 1, we explored Japan’s aging consumers and how they’re different from aging populations around the world; in Part 2, we took a look at the needs areas for Japan’s aging population, along with product examples already in the market.

“Age-Tech in Japan” – Part 1 (Oct.7th JST)
“Age-Tech in Japan” – Part 2 (Oct.14th JST)

If you haven’t yet downloaded our Age-Tech White Paper (titled Japan: The World’s Real-time Laboratory for Age-Tech), you can check it out here!

Japan: The World’s Real-time Laboratory for Age-Tech

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