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Robots for nursing care were placed in the facility (Sendai City)

Age Tech Japan Newsletter: April 2022

When addressing the large-scale, multi-faceted challenges involving rapid aging, society, and healthcare systems, one of the most important success factors in innovating new solutions (and making them stick!) is cooperation and collaboration between different players from both private and public sectors.
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Age Tech Japan Newsletter: January 2022

Debbie Howard, Chairman of The Carter Group/Japan Market Resource Network, was recently interviewed by leading agetech innovator Keren Etkin (author of the recently released book “The AgeTech Revolution”) and founder of The Gerontechnologist, about agetech in Japan.
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Age Tech Japan Newsletter: December 2021

Dominic Carter, CEO of The Carter Group / Japan Market Resource Network, shares the latest on a great opportunity for foreign (non-Japanese) age-tech startups through a progressive initiative from the Kobe City government and its Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster (KBIC).
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