Heated Tobacco Consumer Affective Test (Pre-recruited CLT)

An international tobacco company is interested in understanding how to improve their heated tobacco device’s usage and flavor amongst tobacco users. By recruiting a mix of paper tobacco and heated tobacco users, their goal is to understand how to replicate the taste and feelings that come from traditional smoking methods

Our Work

  • We conducted a blind tasting/usage test of the client's product and their competitor product in a centrally located facility. 360 smokers were recruited to participate in a 4-day consumer affective test. Each day the respondents would be asked to try difference samples of tobacco and complete a survey after each sample
  • Due to the on-ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we take strict pre-cautions with our CLT’s. All staff and respondents are required to wear a mask, pass a temperature test, and disinfect their hands daily prior to entering the closed facility.
  • Additionally, staff members are required, wear gloves, and are in charge of disinfecting all materials used by respondents (i.e., table, pens/clipboards, chairs/tables, devices, tablets, etc.)

The Outcome

Due to the nature of the project and the constant changes and implantations of feedback received from respondents the client team is continuing to test and improve their tobacco and heated devices to adapt to the changing tobacco market

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