Positioning a Designer Fashion Online Shopping Platform

Positioning a Designer Fashion Online Shopping Platform

A well known, international, online shopping site wanted to understand their customers and competitive users’ in terms of their expectations and needs when shopping an overseas online platform - to inform an attractive localisation of the content.

Our Work

  • Focus Groups among females who are fashion enthusiasts and purchasers of luxury fashion brands, spread across different levels of spending ranges
  • Consumers created ‘mood boards’ about their lifestyle and their fashion prior to the group
  • Evaluation of the current advertising and usability of the website

The Outcome

  • Cultural insights on the Japanese luxury consumer and associations with fashion, brands and expression of herself, plus how this is different to international markets
  • Detailed insights on customer journeys and usage of online shopping sites for luxury fashion items and specific ideas for attracting new users
  • DOs and DON’Ts for the current site to increase customer satisfaction and increase repeat sales and customer loyalty

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