Product Usability Testing Pre-Launch

Our client intended to launch an online content platform in Japan. In preparation for the launch, they wanted to gain insight into user behaviour to reveal pain points, misunderstandings and reasons for hesitation in the sign-up process, as well as understanding how language and culture influence user behaviour.

Our Work

  • Individual in-depth testing sessions, where users were first allowed to freely explore the website, followed by completing several ‘tasks’
  • Testing was done using several devices- laptops, mobile phones and TVs to mimic real world usage​
  • The test devices were configured so that the clients could not only observe the users’ reaction, but analyse how they interacted with the website in real-time​

The Outcome

  • The results of the first round of testing provided a solid foundation for the client​
  • Building on the insights, the client improved their website and carried out a second round of testing

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