SVOD Usage/Attitudes Study (2-Phase Qual & Quant)

SVOD Usage-Attitudes Study (2-Phase Qual & Quant)

A globally known video streaming service was interested in launching in the Japan market. Prior to making any official decisions, they wanted to understand the video streaming market/landscape, how subscribers interact with current SVOD services, and how much of the subscriber market was taken up by competitor SVOD services

Our Work

  • Qualitative research: First, focus groups were conducted in order to determine SVOD user’s usage habits, attitudes, and awareness of varies SVOD services available in the market
  • Quantitative research: After the qualitative research, we sought to test our findings amongst the general population, as well as market size for each SVOD service, potential market size for our client’s service, and evaluate reception towards the client’s concept video

The Outcome

By the end of this study, the client was able to not only understand the usage habits/patterns of Japanese consumers and how it differs from their western counterparts, but also have a clearer idea of the market size/landscape of competitor SVOD services and well understand where they would lie within the market should they decide to launch their service

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