Testing the Acceptance of a Relaunched Skincare E-Commerce Website

Testing the Acceptance of a Relaunched Skincare E-Commerce Website

A well-known skincare client updated their e-commerce site as part of a global redesign of their brand appearance. The client wanted to run a UX study to test not only the acceptance of the new design and fit to the brand image, but most importantly to uncover any hurdles and optimization potential to ensure that existing customers and new users would complete the purchase journey smoothly.

Our Work

  • 20x 1-hr online UX interviews with females, split between brand users and non-users, who were asked to browse through the new website, complete some tasks and go through the shopping process, account registration and payment steps
  • Explore the brand image based on the new design and if there is any change in perception before and after the re-design
  • Reveal any barriers or dealbreakers that might hinder the purchase process
  • Full set up of an online usability study, being conducted and observed remotely while ensuring that clients could easily follow the user’s movements on the site

The Outcome

  • Confirmation of the acceptance of the re-designed website, and enhancement of the brand image among both customers and non-customers
  • Identifying clear improvement points related to content, labelling and content order for an optimized shopping process and experience
  • Over 10 clients were able to join the interview series and get actively engaged with the results

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