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Robots for nursing care were placed in the facility (Sendai City)

Age Tech Japan Newsletter: April 2022

When addressing the large-scale, multi-faceted challenges involving rapid aging, society, and healthcare systems, one of the most important success factors in innovating new solutions (and making them stick!) is cooperation and collaboration between different players from both private and public sectors.
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Carter Japan Consumer Values Survey 2021 – A Surprisingly Progressive Japan Emerges

On many levels, Japan appears to ignore key elements of what westerners consider to comprise social modernity. One classic example is the profound lack of progress women have made in gaining meaningful roles in management. In this area, to name only one, Japan seems to trail other countries by decades.
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The business of dying in Japan

One thing is certain for all of us, as a rather morbid saying goes. But alas, it is true and therefore it doesn’t come as a surprise that death and the business of dying are a large industry in Japan, with customers guaranteed in one of the most aged societies in the world.
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Christmas in Japan: Transforming Marketing Tales into True Tradition

Christmas in Japan is an interesting blend of American tradition with a Japanese marketing spin on them. Originally introduced to Japan by Christian missionaries, Christmas never caught on as a religious holiday (only 1% of the population self identifies as Christian). But after WWII, the Christmas tradition came to represent a sparkly commercial version of American prosperity.
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